Artist Creates Contemporary Landscape Paintings Using Jewel-Toned Polygons

Elyse Dodge Art

California-based artist Elyse Dodge is known for her signature geometric landscapes. Filled with brilliant color, her paintings transform mountains and other geological features into sleek, contemporary polygon shapes. While her work is executed using acrylic paint, they are often so precise that they appear digitized. As her career continues to blossom, Dodge has extended her work to include murals and installations that play with her love of color and light.

Dodge shares her entire creative process with students who sign up for her online class through My Modern Met Academy. In this contemporary landscape painting class, Dodge unveils the secrets of her style and how she uses both digital and traditional techniques to bring her canvases to life.

Starting with a real-life inspiration, Dodge breaks down the landscape into geometric forms with the help of a computer. Then, she transfers her image to the canvas and works with acrylics to build up her jewel-toned landscape. Her impressive technique is a modern, forward-thinking take on landscape painting that mixes the cozy comfort of the natural world with a dazzling geometric aesthetic.

“My artwork aims to bridge the gap between art and design—finding a fresh and new perspective on how we enhance our environment through the use of color, form, and meaning,” she shares.

Get inspired by more of Dodge's recent work, and then sign up for her class to discover how you can create your own geometric landscape paintings.

Artist Elyse Dodge creates incredible landscape paintings with jewel-toned polygon shapes.

Elyse Dodge Painting

Elyse Dodge Art

Her geometric aesthetic is a fresh take on traditional landscape paintings.

Elyse Dodge Art

In her course on My Modern Met Academy, Dodge shares the secrets of how she creates these works of art.

Elyse Dodge Painting

Elyse Dodge Art

Sign up today to learn this innovative acrylic painting technique.

Elyse Dodge Art

Elyse Dodge: Website | Instagram | Facebook

All images via Elyse Dodge.

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