Stunning Abstract Floral Paintings Represent Artist’s Journey Into Motherhood

Dimitra Milan - Miracle in Bloom

Since we first interviewed artist Dimitra Milan as a teenager, we've been able to see her artistry stretch and grow. From creating her own distinct style called abstract realism to teaching others how to harness their own creativity, Milan has consistently pushed her own boundaries. And now, she is back with her first new series of paintings in several years—Miracle in Bloom. This collection of abstract florals is a beautiful dive into Milan's life, as she recently became a mother.

“Becoming a mother is a transformative journey, punctuated with moments of profound love, patience, and resilience,” she writes. “The Miracle in Bloom series stands as an artistic testament to this deeply personal experience, inviting viewers to connect with the raw, unfiltered emotions that lie at the heart of each piece.”

The work uses Milan's signature mixed-media techniques, which she teaches in My Modern Met's online class Abstract Realism: Introduction to Mixed Media Painting. Lush blooms emerge from misty backgrounds as bumble bees and moths perch on the flowers. Taste and See, the largest painting in the collection harkens back to classical still life and flower paintings but with Milan's distinct twist. The work is particularly personal for Milan, as it evokes her faith during times of uncertainty.

Dimitra Milan - Miracle in Bloom

This faith was tested when Milan's son Zion was born via a C-section, turning her hope to have a home birth on its head. While her disappointment was quickly replaced with love for her son, this change of plans prepared her for just how unpredictable children can be. And now, uncertainty is something Milan is still embracing as she navigates the highs and lows of motherhood.

“The series is a beacon for all mothers and parents, shining light on the miracles that unfold daily in the challenges and celebrations of raising a child,” the artist explains. “With every brushstroke and hue, it echoes the weight of experiences, bearing testimony to a mother's indomitable spirit and love.”

See the full collection on Milan's website and, if you want to get a step-by-step tutorial on how she works with mixed media, enroll in her online art class on My Modern Met Academy. Not only will you learn how to create an evocative layered background for your paintings, but Milan provides drawing and painting tips and lets you watch as she completes a mixed-media masterpiece.

Miracle in Bloom is artist Dimitra Milan's ode to motherhood after her son was born this year.

Artist Dimitra Milan Painting in Her Studio while Her Baby Plays

Artist Dimitra Milan Painting in Her Studio

The abstract florals use Milan's signature mixed-media techniques, which she also teaches in her online art class on My Modern Met Academy.

Contemporary Painting by Dimitra Milan

Abstract realism by Dimitra Milan

The work chronicles Milan's experiences as a mother by using flowers to express her hopes, fears, and emotions.

Abstract floral art by Dimitra Milan

Abstract floral art by Dimitra Milan

Abstract floral art by Dimitra Milan

Milan's evocative paintings are, in this way, a powerful tribute to all parents.

Artist Dimitra Milan Painting in Her Studio

Abstract floral art by Dimitra Milan

Abstract floral art by Dimitra Milan

Artist Dimitra Milan Painting in Her Studio

Dimitra Milan: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Dimitra Milan.

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