December 18, 2023

Peaceful Paintings of People and Landscapes Using a Grid of Colorful Squares

Many painters use a grid to transfer drawings to the canvas. Rather than hide this artistic tool, Stelios Pupet takes it a step further. The Greek artist uses grids to construct both figures and landscapes with squares of different hues, highlighting how color can create forms. While this system appears organized, Pupet says that he cannot always predict how a piece will turn out.

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December 12, 2023

Powerful Mixed-Media Carvings Speak to the Experiences of Black Womanhood

Baltimore-based artist LaToya Hobbs is presenting a series of recent woodblock prints and mixed-media portraits at Nashville's Frist Art Museum. The powerful pieces demonstrate how Hobbs deftly merges her printmaking and painting practices to create work that speaks to Black womanhood, family, labor, and self-care. Often using her friends and family as models, much of her work starts via collaborative photography sessions with her husband Ariston Jacks.

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December 10, 2023

448 Hand-Formed Pyramids Form Mesmerizing Mandala in Abu Dhabi

American artist Jim Denevan has created one of his most ambitious installations to date as part of Abu Dhabi's public art initiative, Manar Abu Dhabi. The vast, yet ephemeral, land art is made from 448 hand-formed pyramids and mounds laid out in 19 concentric circles. Together, they form a mesmerizing mandala pattern that invites the public inside to experience the design's effects.

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December 5, 2023

Discover the Secrets of Drawing Realistic Portraits (Now on Pre-Sale!)

Have you ever seen a realistic portrait and wished that you knew how to create something similar? Thanks to My Modern Met Academy's new course, Realistic Portrait Drawing Made Easy, you'll discover all the tips, tricks, and techniques to produce a portrait that looks incredibly real. Taught by accomplished artist Matheus Macedo, who is known for his realistic drawings, this online class takes you step by step through the creative process.

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