Street Art

December 31, 2023

5 Breakthrough Artists Who Are Making Contemporary Native American and Indigenous Public Art

Through sculpture, murals, and ephemeral installations, contemporary Native artists are honoring their heritage, while also giving voice to the indigenous community. By working on public art projects, indigenous artists are also making a statement by reminding the public, “We Exist.” Whether that means creating memorials to honor the contribution of Native American veterans to reclaiming public spaces, the work of these artists is invaluable in teaching the public to move beyond stereotypes.

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November 22, 2023

Giant “Helping Hand” Artwork Brings Message of Hope Amidst Rubble From Turkey’s Earthquake

French artist Saype recently brought a positive message of hope to Turkey as part of his Beyond Walls project. Eight months after the devastating Turkey-Syria earthquakes, he made his way to the Hatay province. This area is still struggling to rebuild after the natural disaster, and so Saype decided to find a way to send a message of hope from within the rubble.

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