Best of 2023: 52 of the Most Creative Products Everyone Wanted This Year

Best Products of 2023

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Each year brings fresh, new ideas. In 2023, we saw an array of trends come and go, but there are always certain designs that stand out from the rest. From cute duck butt night lights to smiley-face mugs that cry happy tears, we've collected 50 of the most creative products we saw this year.

Bold fashion statements definitely had a moment in 2023. We saw lots of unique kicks from Converse and Adidas that celebrated moments in art history and pop culture, like Hokusai's The Great Wave high-tops. Innovative brands also reimagined watches into editions we hadn't seen before. A wristwatch containing moon dust lets anyone add a stellar touch to any outfit, and Creamy Patina's tiny, but luxurious watch cuff links show that every detail matters.

There were also plenty of interesting, well-designed products that we wanted to add to our homes. Contardi's sleek light fixture is made of 100% recycled materials, making it an amazing sustainable option. Meanwhile, Van Embricqs's amazing wall desk folds into a flat hanging piece of decorative art that saves space while looking modern and sophisticated.

We have many more favorites from this year. Scroll down to see our picks for the kitchen, toys and games, and much more.

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Here are over 50 creative products that represent the best 2023.


For the Kitchen

Accidents in the kitchen are a normal occurrence. While there's not much you can do to prevent spilling drinks, there are some cute additions that will transform mistakes into happy accidents. Pour too much coffee in the Flooded With Emotions Mug, and your brew will spill out of the small circular eyes—making the happy face flood with happy tears.


Flooded With Emotions Mug

Best Products of 2023

WASK Store | $25.53


Whale Butter Dish


Mini French Press

Best Products of 2023

FinalPress | $49+


Measuring Cup for Instant Ramen


For the Home

Home decor reflects your personality and style. In 2023, we saw pieces for all aesthetics. The Space-Saving Sideboard is perfect for small spaces, containing a full dining set inside its compartments. Additionally, Birdie Design's CO2 Monitor looks cute while it continually checks the air quality of your room—prompting helpful reminders when it's time to open a window.


Kaleidoscopic Smart Lamp


Space-Saving Sideboard

Best Products of 2023

SPS Furniture | $1,950


CO2 Monitor


Window Bird Feeder

Best Products of 2023

Ailment & Co. | $183.99


Sustainable Light Fixture


Terrarium That Can Change Climates

Best Products of 2023

biOrb | $299.99+


Elegant Wall Desk

Best Products of 2023

Van Embricqs | $2,875.25


Cute Night Lights

Waking up in the dark doesn't have to be scary. A smartly placed night light will illuminate your night stand or desk so you can see what you're doing. This year, there was an abundance of adorable night light companions inspired by animals. The Bunny Night Light has folded ears so it can be hung inside the closet, helping you find whatever you need at even the darkest hours.


Quirky Duck Butt Light

Best Products of 2023

DCQRY | $18.59


Duck Having an Existential Crisis Night Light

Best Products of 2023

MUID | $17.99


Bunny Night Light

Bunny Night Light

Alanchoices | $37.30+


Fashion Statements

A new year means new trends. In 2023, we saw cool kicks inspired by art and pop culture, and accessories that won't go unnoticed. The Bloody Pearl Necklace makes the wearer look like they've just bitten by a vampire—a truly stylish, dark touch to any ensemble.


Hokusai's The Great Wave Converse


Bloody Pearl Necklace


Cars Crocs


National Park Watches

Best Products of 2023

Asterisk Watches | $199.99+


Van Gogh Sneakers

Best Products of 2023

Cariuma | $89+


Homer Simpson Meme Adidas Shoes

Best Products of 2023

Adidas | $120


Adidas Concha Shoes


Wearable Bean Bag

Best Products of 2023

Hanalolo | $117.75


“Gacha Machine” Backpack


Winged Ear Cuffs


Tiny Watch Cufflinks


Burrito Blanket

Best Products of 2023

mermaker | $39.99


Watch with Genuine Moon Dust

Best Products of 2023

Interstellar | $399+


Cool Gadgets

Each year, innovative creators try to find ways to enhance our lives with cool gadgets, and 2023 was no different. We saw cute helpers like the Studio Ghibli Totoro Humidifier, as well as portable assistants like Flextail's handheld outdoor pump.


Handheld Outdoor Pump

Best Products of 2023

Flextail | $29+


Studio Ghibli Totoro Humidifier


Tentacle Earplugs


Thigh Holster for Books


Transparent Beehive


Paddle Board Tent


Photography Gear

2023 was an exciting year for photographers and photography hobbyists. Not only did Leica release a special 20th anniversary edition of the Leitz Auction camera, but HoverAir debuted a pocket-sized flying camera so users can take amazing pictures from up above.


SOFORT 2: Analog and Digital Hybrid Camera

Best Products of 2023

Leica | $389


20th Anniversary Leitz Auction Camera


Pocket-Sized Flying Camera

HoverAir | $399


Polaroid 1-2 Camera With Manual Capabilities

Best Products of 2023

Polaroid | $599+



Toys and Games

There are games for people of all ages. In 2023, LEGO unveiled several new whimsical sets that celebrate pop culture as well as history. Mattel also gave Barbie movie fans the chance to bring “Weird Barbie” home.


Super Mario Piranha Plant LEGO Set

Best Products of 2023

LEGO | $59.99


Smart Chess Board

Best Products of 2023

GoChess | $199


LEGO Brick Botanicals

Best Products of 2023

LEGO | $17.95


“Weird Barbie” Doll

Best Products of 2023

Mattel | $50


Concorde LEGO Set

Best Products of 2023

LEGO | $199.99


NASA Mars Rover Perseverance LEGO Set

Best Products of 2023

LEGO | $99.99


Pac-Man Arcade LEGO Set

Best Products of 2023

LEGO | $269.99


Lord of the Rings Rivendell LEGO Set

Best Products of 2023

LEGO | $499.99


For Pets

Creative products aren't just for humans. New and innovative designs also extend to animal companions. This year, we saw biscuit-shaped beds for dogs, a sling that transforms housecats into lions, and much more.


Modern Doghouse


Cat Convertible-Backpack

Best Products of 2023

Pidan | $129


Lion Pet Carrier


Biscuit-Shaped Dog Bed


Japanese Elementary School Backpack for Dogs


Modular Cat Furniture


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