Boy Finally Meets His Online Best Friend in Person After 3 Years of Playing Video Games Together

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Children sometimes have the most heartwarming displays of friendship. At this age, there is no need to play it cool or tone down their excitement, resulting in truly endearing scenes when they hang out with their buds. For a boy named Brayden, finally getting to meet his online bestie filled him with unfiltered joy, and it was all captured in a sweet video that has now gone viral.

During the pandemic, like many boys his age, Brayden found solace in playing video games online. There, he met Sebastian, who he came across while playing Fortnite and Roblox. With time, their friendship grew beyond online gaming platforms, and they boys FaceTimed each other for three years.

With pandemic measures finally relaxing, the boys' parents set up a plan for them to meet in real life somewhere in the Mississippi Gulf Coast without them knowing. As the clip shows, they were both driven to the meeting point by their moms, who knew their reactions to finally being together would be worth sharing.

The viral clip was taken by Brayden's mom. In the video, the boy suspects she is up to something, as he asks his mother, “Why you get the camera? Huh? Why you got the camera?” As they keep walking, Brayden's mom can be heard saying, “Hey Sebastian!” It's then that Brayden realizes who is standing in front of him—his best friend! First, his jaw drops and he lets out a squeal of joy. Without hesitation, he runs to hug Sebastian, who remains shocked, but smiling.

The happiness Brayden displays in a matter of seconds is definitely contagious. He smiles as if he's been given the biggest gift on the planet—and maybe he has. It's gestures like this that remind us that friendship is truly precious, and that nothing beats the joy of time well spent with those we love.

A boy named Brayden finally got to meet his online bestie after three years online gaming together, and his reaction is the sweetest thing you'll see today.

h/t: [Upworthy]

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