Young Boy Dressed as a Royal Guard Gets a Rare Reaction From King’s Guards

King's Guard Acknowledges Young Boy Dressed as a Soldier

Photo: Screenshots from @frankthesoldier1 / TikTok

The King's Guard is known for being stoic and unflappable. Even with thousands of tourists stopping by Buckingham Palace to take photos beside them, they are rarely seen breaking character. However, one little boy dressed as a soldier received rare acknowledgment from the guards when he saluted the unit during their march.

A TikTok video by @frankthesoldier1 captures the entire event. The young child is wearing a perfect replica of the King's Guard uniform with a bright red jacket, white belt, and furry black hat. He waits for the unit to move forward and just as they pass, the little boy raises his left hand in a salute. Rather than be ignored, a couple of the guards are seen giving the child subtle acknowledgment. One man carrying a trombone appears to smile his way, and later, one of the last men marching gives the boy a couple of curt nods as if he is also part of the unit.

After the King's Guard leaves the area, the kid turns to his parent and gives an enthusiastic thumb's up. Like many, he probably didn't expect for the guards to act like they saw him, so the fact that he received slight recognition was likely an exciting surprise. Though rare, this is not the only instance where soldiers stepped up for visitors.

Another video on TikTok captures a soldier in the midst of performing King's Life Guard duties at Horse Guards when an older man and a 17-year-old boy with Down's syndrome approach to take a photo. The soldier sees them trying to get closer and promptly takes a smooth side-step toward them. His actions are greatly appreciated by the pair, and the older man tells him: “Much respect.”

A young boy dressed in a soldier costume had a rare interaction with the King's Guard. As they passed, he received subtle acknowledgment from a couple of the soldiers.

@frankthesoldier1♬ original sound – frank

Though rare, there have been other occurrences of soldiers interacting or helping the public in subtle ways, like this soldier who helped a boy with Down's syndrome take a photo.

@theroyalkingsguardengla7 Unbelievable! The King's Guard's Surprising Act of Kindness For A Child! That boy is a special boy, God Bless him! #horsesoftiktok #royalguard #speacialboy #kingsguards #foryoupage #horseguardsparade #fyp #royalfamily #londonlife #tourist ♬ original sound – Mano

frankthesoldier1: TikTok
h/t: [Upworthy]

All images via @frankthesoldier1.

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