Woman Gives Her Baby the Same Last Name as The Stepdad Who Raised Her and Films His Reaction

On the left, a baby girl; on the right, a man reacts tearfully

Photo: Screenshot from Reddit

Family is much more than blood. It's those who truly love us and care for us. This is evident in the many step-parents who would do anything for their step-kids. Recently, a woman who was raised by a loving stepdad found a unique way to let him know how deep their bond is.

In a video posted to Reddit, a new mom introduces her baby girl to the infant's grandfather and her stepdad. “Guess what her last name is?” She can be heard telling her stepfather behind the camera. When she reveals it, the grandfather gets surprised and then visibly emotional, as he fights back tears. It's a powerful moment. From now on, his granddaughter with whom he has no blood connections to will carry his last name.

The clip has since gone viral, earning over 77,000 upvotes. The stepdad's wholesome reaction warmed the hearts of many and inspired a few to share their own stories. “My stepson, which I don’t even care for that term, you’re my son. We don’t really call each other dad or son in person. But sometimes I’ll walk past his room and will overhear him playing games or something with his friends and say stuff like ‘my dad just grilled the best burgers I’ve ever had' or something like that,” shared one user. “I was adopted by my stepfather at 12 years by my own choice,” revealed another. “Hadn’t seen bio dad in years. I took his last name immediately and he now has three grandkids that have his last name.”

In the end, the video shows how far the love of a stepdad can go. As one Redditor said, “There's a difference between a Father and a Dad. A father can be anyone. Only some people can truly be Dads.”

A woman who was raised by a loving stepdad found a unique way to let him know how deep their bond is. She reveals that she gave her baby girl her stepdad's last name.

She gave her baby the same last name as her stepdad who raised her
by u/Right_Leg_7483 in MadeMeSmile

h/t: [Reddit]

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