January 1, 2024

Net-Zero Modular Homes Combine Sustainability, Technology, and Elegant Design

Launched in 2021, Canadian startup CABN creates sustainable, net-zero homes that start at just $186,100 for a one-bedroom unit. These energy-efficient smart homes were created based on the belief that beauty and technology can coexist. Founder Jackson Wyatt, who was previously the head of design for a global sustainable products company, dreamed up the company while stuck indoors during the pandemic.

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July 13, 2023

Unique Bird-Shaped House Overlooks the Beach in Costa Rica

Inspired by the country's wildlife, zU-studio has designed a bird-shaped residence in Costa Rica. Situated on a hill overlooking the water, the N2 private house is a unique home that promotes a connection with nature. In September, construction will begin in the beach town of Santa Teresa, which is also known as a haven for surfers.

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November 5, 2022

Architect Uses AI to Create Utopia Where Buildings Grow and Breathe

Intrigued by the way that ants and other insects use nature to build their homes, Indian architectural designer Manas Bhatia used artificial intelligence (AI) to explore what would happen if humans created houses that could grow and breathe. The result is a series of architectural concepts called Symbiotic Architecture, where homes stretch into the sky and natural patterns drive the design.

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August 23, 2022

Mid-Century Modern Homes That Shaped the Future of Architecture Design

During the 20th century, architects turned their attention from traditional designs to more original aesthetics. While many Modernist movements capture this interest in the experimental, mid-century modern architecture has resonated over decades to remain a popular style today. Though inspired by the unprecedented designs of Frank Lloyd Wright and the avant-garde approach of Bauhaus artists, Mid-Century Modern put a novel spin on architecture.

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